The information security industry is rapidly transforming itself into solutions delivered by and for cloud computing.   Join us in the already established CSA LATAM FORUM 2018 to learn about the progress of companies in the change of cloud computing and the new key trends in information security.
Join us in the already established CSA LATAM FORUM 2018 to learn about the progress of companies in the change of cloud computing and the new key trends in information security.

» Cryptography in the cloud
» Cloud Security
» Web applications Security in Cloud
» Data privacy
» Cloud Systems Audit
» Viruses analysis, worms and all types of malware
» Social vulnerability
» Mobile security risks
» Cloud Recovery Plan
» Cloud Computing.
» Business Continuity in the Cloud
» I. T. Government


 » Those interested in IT Governance, compliance and privacy executives.
 » The top business executives.
 » Finance, auditing, legal and regulatory compliance.
 » Enterprise and risk operations managers
 » Continuity of operations.
 » Crisis managers or emergency management.
 » Disaster recovery managers.
 » Responsible for IT Infrastructure, operations and developers.
 » Internal audit.
 » Interested in regulatory compliance of technological risk management.



8:30 18:30
Thursday 15 November, 2018
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9:00 18:00
Friday 16 November, 2018
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Some repercussions

  • Jim Reavis

    June 30th 2016

    "We still did not realize the potential of the Argentine experts" The CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance visited Buenos Aires for the 2016 SUMMIT CSA. How will Cloud Computing transform the world?


  • Ricardo Goldberger

    Tuesday July 12th 2016

    My opinion about the meeting has already been read above. Some sponsor / presenter maybe should have exposed a "success story" and not describe the product so directly. But I consulted it with several of those present, and they agreed that they came to learn, and they succeeded. And they hope to find something similar periodically. This was a different, new look in the landscape of local conferences on information security. Academically solid, with non-stiff technical presentations.


  • Natalia Brezina

    June 2017

    Among the issues addressed, security for Cloud environments, key aspects to take into account in cases of oversight, advantages and disadvantages of using the Cloud for government, optimal development, and current regulations.


  • Matías Werner

    Thursday June 29 2017

    "Cybernetic detectives" Specialists in law and cybersecurity met as part of the CSA Argentina Summit to discuss how cybercrimes are pursued in the "cloud". How is a case of Grooming or child pornography investigated, protocols for the treatment of digital evidence or problems when presenting evidence in court. The discussion that is present and future.


1 Estimated visitors
1 Speakers
1 cups of coffee
1 hours of activities

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Undoubtedly the best place to learn the newest in relation to cloud security. Training together with instructors with recognized trajectory in the subject.

Workshops CSA LATAM FORUM 2018

The day after the "November 16, 2018" event we will conduct a series of technical trainings with our speakers. They are all-day classes, in a classroom, with coffee and lunch included. Most of these trainings are not available elsewhere, so take advantage of them!


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About the CSA

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the use of best practices to offer security guarantees in "Cloud Computing" and provide education on the uses of cloud computing, so that companies can adopt the concept in their organizations. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is run by a broad coalition of corporations, associations and industry professionals.


Since the year 2008, "Cloud Computing" has gained the attention of the information security community. The concept of the Cloud Security Alliance was born after the presentation of Jim Reavis' new trends, which included a call to action to ensure cloud computing.
Jim Reavis and Puhlmann Nils developed the first mission and strategy of the CSA; a series of meetings organized with industry leaders in early December 2008 started the creation of the CSA with the mission to have an approach with the information security community, in such a way that for the RSA Conference